DW USA 50th Anniversary Limited Edition



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Nieuwe DW USA 50th Anniversery set. Deze set is speciaal gemaakt voor het 50 jarige bestaan van DW. Van deze sets zijn er maar 100 van gemaakt dus super limited.

De set bestaat uit:
22×18 basdrum
10×8 & 12×9 toms
16×14 tom
14×6.5 snaredrum

Dit is wat DW over de set zegt:

Limited DW 50th Anniversary Shell Set with Hybrid Boilers

The DW 50th Anniversary Shell Set Limited Edition Collection is limited to only 100 sets worldwide and offers unique features and a spectacular finish. The six-piece shell set includes 10″x8″ and 12″x9″ toms, 14″x12″ and 16″x14″ floor Toms as well as a 22″x18″ Bass Drum and matching snare Drum in 14″x6.5″. The exclusive DW drum set features 50th Anniversary badges and a Quilted Maple outer layer adorned with Maple and Rosewood Inlays . The HVLT Hybrid Shells made of Persimmon and Spruce are finished with a Burnt Toast Burst Lacquer finish. The drums are made from a combination of Persimmon wood, a hard wood similar to Purpleheart that creates a dense attack and projection, and Spruce that enhances warmth and tonality
The valuable Antique Gold hardware completes the noble overall picture harmoniously. True Pitch tuning rods with fine thread enable an extremely sensitive tuning of the Remo heads, together with the 2.3 mm True Hoops you get the perfect symbiosis of powerful attack and frequency-rich basic sound.

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