Ludwig Hammered Brass 14 x 6.5


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Prachtige nieuwe Ludwig Hammered Brass.

Dit is wat ludwig er over schrijft.

Hammered Brass
Having a similar sonic quality to the Black Beauty but at a higher pitch, Ludwig’s 5×14″ and 6.5×14″ Brass models are hammered using the same process as Ludwig Timpani to expand their playable range. Though each has a similar hammering pattern, no two are exactly alike and vary slightly in tonality. Choose from 5″x14″ and 6.5″x14″ models.

1.2mm Seamless Brass Shell Hammered
2.3mm Steel Triple Flanged Hoops (Optional Die-Cast)
P88AC Throw Off
P35P Butt Plate
Ludwig Weather Master Medium Coated Head
Ludwig Weather Master Clear Snare Side Head
10 lugs


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