CymbalWorks Casablanca 21″ All Ride



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CymbalWorks Casablanca 21″ All Ride, Fijne allround ride. Dit is wat ze er zelf over schrijven.

Are you in search of a ride cymbal with a clear stick definition surrounded by a crisp and pleasant tone? A ride cymbal that excels in articulating beautifully while enveloping your playing with a crisp and pleasant sound?

The Casablanca series from CymbalWorks, in many ways, produces quite ingenious ride cymbals. Rides that precisely match the description. A cymbal that has struck the delicate balance between tone and articulation, and not just for “soft jazz playing.”

And this particular one has a lovely “golden” tone with a medium wash. It still maintains a clear stick definition.

An amazing ride cymbal for… all genres, actually!


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