CymbalWorks Collectables 22″ Vintage Ride



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Prachtige warme donkere vintage ride van Cymbalworks. Dit is wat ze er zelf over schrijven.

This is a playful, lively, and very playable 22″ Vintage Ride from CymbalWorks’ unique Collectables Series.

Tone wise the cymbal is crisp, dark, and complex. The cymbal definitely has some trashy tone to it that lies lurking around at all times. This trashyness is also what gives this ride its very crisp tone.

And speaking of crisp. This cymbal also has a very nice and crisp stick attack that – in spite of the ride’s otherwise kind of wet character – manages to remain distinguishable no matter how har you hit it and how much it opens up. A characteristic that makes the cymbal even more useable.

The bell has a dark and broad tone that travels out through the rest of the cymbal really well.

When you crash this cymbal, you get the dark and trashy elements in full flow.


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